Redondo Red “Dancing Dogs”

Star filled skies and a sexy swagger blues riff start off Redondo Red. The luxurious yet cluttered video is full of youthful energy and is very exciting. To me this is a great song to dance to because of the conserved level of energy. It reminds me of hanging out in West Hollywood bars and clubs and dancing with friends. Bright neon colors really drive home how much of the party scene the Redondo Dogs are after with their sensual lyrics. Check out the music video and attached press notes below.

Press Notes:

Behind a Red door off Redondo street in Mid-City Los Angeles, Actor & Musician Brendon Garrett rediscovered his talent for songwriting while living in a house full of artists and musicians.

Inspired to set out and make music of his own to reflect his unmatched charisma, he swiftly honed his craft to a whole new level.  Combining rock roots with modern dance and electronic flare, Redondo Red cuts through the noise and strikes a unique chord that very few can touch.

​Delivering passion and expression beyond measure, debut single ‘Dancing Dogs’ is set to release June 27th and the follow up music video soon after. With plenty in store for the rest of 2019, stay tuned as Redondo Red is guaranteed to make quite the splash.

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