Gabe Greenland “Tomorrow Afternoon”, Brooklyn jingles and jangles songwriting

“Tomorrow Afternoon” has a casual strut around Prospect Park vibe to it. The jangly acoustic guitar with a forte style strumming that leads into a “bop” style vocal hook that has a harmony on trumpet is just so much fun. This is a unique brand of what could’ve been walls of guitar pop-punk/emo but is rebranded as a mature yet angsty pop-punk almost meets Chicago styled classic rock. Fans of Ben Folds will totally dig “Tomorrow Afternoon”. Lyrically relatable and full of modern day frustrations, especially the “ex trying to flex”. A nice lush arrangement that you don’t hear everyday in slacker pop. Check it out below and learn more about Gabe Greenland in his press notes.


Gabe Greenland is a Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter and producer from Los Angeles, California. Influenced by a disparate hodgepodge of west coast icons such as Stephen Malkmus, Flying Lotus and Russell Westbrook, Gabe Greenland combines a deep knowledge of hip-hop production with modern punk-influenced slacker emo to create a personal brand that is both familiar and unique.

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