Kid Bloom, “EVRWNDR”- synth pop with some serious mood

We hyped you up with the good-time that is Judd Hoos, and now it’s time you come back down with Kid Bloom’s “Evrwndr,” a hazy slice of synth pop that tows the line between 80’s-inspired synthwave and modern R&B. Vocalist Lennon Kloser says of the track, “This song is inspired by my hypersensitivity to emotions and how I sometimes paralyze myself with my own feelings- as if those feelings are coming from somewhere else.” The agitation and introspection can be felt through a heartfelt vocal performance, featuring just a touch of grittiness to really get the point across without compromising those dreamy vibes. Kid Bloom’s beats are tight, carrying with them the moody yet groovy aura of modern R&B. Do I really need to sell this one any harder? Click it!


Kid Bloom, aka Lennon Kloser, is an American singer and songwriter from Studio City, California. He sets out to break songwriting molds and make pop rock relevant again. His first release, “Different State of Mind” has reached over 7 million streams and his song, “Electric U” can be heard in the feature film Independence Day Resurgence. Their newly released single, “Parents House”, is already circulating on LA radio stations like, The World Famous KROQ, and has quickly gained popularity with millions streams. Kid Bloom shares the stage during his recent west coast tour with The Neighbourhood.






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