*NEW RELEASE* Yardlander, “On the Ropes”

Fresh off the griddle is “On the Ropes,” the latest offering from London rock group Yardlander. Written on themes of loss and the hardship that follows, the song starts off rather intimately, featuring a soothing clean guitar playing in a “broken waltz” 5/4 time. The vocals are ballad-like in their soothing lamentation, while rolled electric piano chords offer some brightness to the mix. With the entrance of an animated bass line and simple kit, “On the Ropes” takes on the feeling of an empty cafe late at night. However, as soon as you make this observation is when things begin to change: vocal harmonies stack higher and higher as the drums build below, culminating in a brief full-on rock chorus. We’re brought back to the basics one more time before “On the Ropes” builds once again into an epic rock-filled conclusion, featuring ominously-raw vocal lines and a slightly psychedelic guitar solo. “On the Ropes” plays out like an ominous reckoning, as if to represent feelings of grief that we attempt to keep down but will eventually boil over. What a journey it is!


Yardlander is a London based guitar-led band, trying to make sense of the world in their own way.






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