Bennett Hughes, “Home”- what a fitting tune!

Reminiscent of the early contemporary country-rock days of Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors, Bennett Hughe’s “Home” is an aptly-named and irresistibly homey slice of organic contemporary music. Hughes’ lyrics are ripe with themes of family and familial community, making this a surprisingly great fit for Mother’s Day. The Pennsylvanian singer/songwriter wears his experience on his sleeve through his resonant and experienced vocal timbre, catchy lyrical hooks, and masterful grasp on crystal-clean production. “Home” ticks all the boxes for a radio-ready Contemporary tune, and reminds us all of life’s true priorities on this familial holiday!


Eons ago.. Bennett was playing in a band nominated for various Canadian music awards, his songs were receiving nationwide video/radio play. He was an independent, and he kinda disappeared for a bit.

Truthfully; he was moving countries, marrying a lovely girl, planting roots, finding faith, providing the ice cubes while she had the kids… and well, he tended to be a little slower when it came to releasing his own material. But he’s picked up some steam these past two years and has been on a fairly good roll when it comes to pumping out the new tunes. Some rock, some are folky: all have his signature. It’s the scratchy vocals maybe, but the guitars really (and the ambient noises they make.)


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