The Duke of Norfolk “As the Heralds Revere You”- a rare Hot Lunch lullaby.

As you’re winding down for the night, let The Duke of Norfolk wist you away with “As the Heralds Revere You.” The sweetly dissonant guitar arpeggios that greet you in the intro ring with the kind of soulful expression that makes you stop in your tracks and just listen. Adam Howard’s vocals float above his glimmering acoustic guitar soundscape with the pensive resonance of Bon Iver or Iron & Wine. As the song progresses, the canvas fills with more shades of guitar as the chords and secondary movements become more colorful and varied in a slightly cinematic form. Howard stays in his somber singer-songwriter lane while still managing to pack ample variation, dynamics, and emotional connectivity into what is really a very barebones package. Howard paints with simple colors, but the result is a truly beautiful lullaby to which you can effortlessly float away into the night.


Recorded the day it was written in February of 2018, ‘As the Heralds Revere You’ is a simple song for an uncertain relationship. It’s an attempt to say ‘I don’t know where this is headed but I appreciate you and am thankful for you whichever way it goes.’


The Duke of Norfolk is the recording project of the peripatetic folk musician Adam Howard. Howard grew up in Oklahoma and was inspired early on by Irish traditional music, bluegrass music, and the London-based folktronic band Tunng. After moving to Scotland and studying Sound Design his music has come to nestle somewhere between traditional folk instrumentation and more modern electronic folk.


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