Red Calling, “Taker of Breath” – the title about sums it up

Did you get a chance to hear Jett Kwong’s beautifully somber “Away”? Well, now it’s time for something completely different! What could best be described as a roundhouse kick of rock to the face, Red Calling’s “Taker of Breath” is aptly titled. Drawing on the melodically-centered and symphonic qualities of European rock groups like Lacuna Coil- and then throwing in some good ole metal energy reminiscent of Korn- the Tampa, Florida-based group deliver a sound that is as aggressive as it is haunting and undeniably catchy. “Taker of Breath” is in no shortage of drop-tuned riffs, slamming drum beats, and lush electronic and symphonic textures that elevate the entire thing to a new level. Crank this one up to 11, because Red Calling isn’t messing about.


Red Calling is a four piece Hard rock band out of Tampa, Florida. With a warm sound but intense rockin’ grooves, this original music collaboration spotlights Jessica Pons on vocals, guitar and keys, Javier Pons on guitar & Samples, Bassist Luis Pons and Destiny Covault on Drums. Palette influences include some Radiohead, Deftones, Lacuna Coil, The Gathering, Thrice, Portishead, Steven Wilson, Pink Floyd, Phil Collins, The Beatles and Led Zeppelin.


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