*OUT TODAY* Philip Brooks, “spend some time alone inside my head”

Straight from the first few bars, Philip Brooks new single immediately puts the ‘dream’ in dream-pop. A warm synth underbody and reverberated guitar melody are reminiscent of Day Wave- not to mention Brooks’ melancholy and delicate vocals. “spend some time…” may be over in a quick 2.5 minutes, but it certainly sticks long thereafter. Brooks blends melancholic and defeated undertones with a dreamy 80’s tinged glamour that helps the song shine in just the right way to keep the listener grooving along without diluting the reflective lyricism. Couple in the dynamic rise that elevates the final chorus to a climactic status, and what you’re left with is a shimmering and introspective ballad that grabs hold of your senses and gets you lost in a dream. A beatuiful experience.


Where Dream-Pop and Bedroom Pop melt into memorable low-key vibes, London-based songwriter Philip Brooks feels at home. The 21 year old bleach-blonde layers soft mumbling vocals over atmospheric production. With lyrics about the struggles of youthful romance and mental health, he hits home emotionally and nostalgically. “Will I remember it this time? I can’t remember it. Well, fine.” You can feel how much thought Philip puts into his songwriting, and every element of the production and instrumentation is meant to convey this feeling; the multi-instrumentalist solely creates all his music by himself. Receiving over 400.000 streams on his first two singles and being playlisted by Spotify, lots of new music can be expected in 2019.




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