Skip Curtis, “Messed Up” – Fresh off the musical griddle!

Full of clean electric guitars, driving drums, and emotional vocal harmonies, Skip Curtis’s debut single “Messed Up” plays like something that might have come from The Cure’s catalog or a later Anberlin album. A self-described “selfish love song” about internal struggle and degradation, Curtis writes with heart-on-sleeve, grunge- and punk-hued self-introspection that gives “Messed Up” a familiar, relatable tone. Curtis’s clean guitars and reverberated lead vocals paint the picture of a lone rocker bearing his soul in an empty hall, with the eventual addition of a full band elevating the emotional grab to new heights. Complete with a satisfying dynamic build, the always-welcomed guitar solo, and polyphonic vocal melodies, “Messed Up” is a can’t-miss rock ballad.


Growing up in the South Wales Valley’s, Skip found ideological escapism in writing music. He adopted the Welsh poet David Hughes’ famous riposte ‘Ambition is Critical’ as a mantra to create music.

Skip’s ambition was to originally write songs for other people, which circumstantially led to him becoming one third of Welsh haze-pop band XY&O. Wisely deciding to use his own unique vocal range to bring the songs to life. Skip has continued to develop his song writing skills both in a band and as a solo performer.

Having already performed at Glastonbury with XY&O, Skip is now building his own solo project.


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