Lost Woods, “Bern”- perhaps an unlikely sunrise

You might think it a bit of a contradiction to say that Lost Woods’ latest release sounds like a sunrise. Sunrises are so bright and warm- we love to paint them, photograph them, and they overall just fill us with good feelings. “Bern,” on the other hand, is a song about letting someone go and the feelings of isolation and struggle that can often follow. That might sound more like a sunset to some people. However, “Bern” can also be seen as a song of beginnings. The first day after an event like Lost Woods is describing can often be a disorienting and empty experience, there is a sunny side that can be looked upon. Lost Woods’ poignant guitar melodies carry an uplifting spirit to them, while the vocalist’s pensive leads and beautiful falsettos have within them a communal and understanding quality. Sure, “Bern” may be about an ending, but it’s aural palette brings with it an uplifting look to the potential of the day after. Just let it sink in.


Lost Woods are an Australian indie rock/indie pop band from Adelaide, SA. Led by the captivating vocalist Peter White, the group is completed by twin guitarists Tom Baird and Sam Baird, and the driving rhythm section of brothers Lucas Sly and Miles Sly. Their soaring vocals, jangly guitars and driving rhythms have earned them a loyal fan base. The band has had the privilege of sharing the stage with the likes of Holy Holy, Maddy Jane, Alice Ivy, Timberwolf, Kingswood, Andy Bull, Harts and many, many more.







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