Gazebo Effect, “Power Gone,” is ironically powerful melodic rock

Gazebo Effect combines a bit of indie, alternative, and classic rock in their single “Power Gone.” The result? A remarkably cohesive, skillful, and fun track that is pure feel-good rock. The intro is straight feel-good indie; the verses have a classic hue to them and are full of melodic vocals and interesting guitar licks; the choruses allow the band to let loose into a fully-rounded rock soundscape; and a seriously awesome guitar solo and tempo change end things on a high note. If you need proof of why this Chicago-based outfit needs 3 guitars, then look no further than “Power Gone.” Catchy, infectious, energetic, and generally a wicked fun time, “Power Gone” is a can’t-miss addition to your rock music library.


Sometimes 1 guitar is enough. 2 guitar players are cool. 3 can be madness, but that’s kind of what Gazebo Effect is going for. Rooted in an affinity for songs people can bang their head to, Indie-Alt-Rock band Gazebo Effect just wants you to move. The band draws inspiration from incredibly varying acts such as Radiohead, The Allman Brothers Band, Mac Demarco and My Morning Jacket; the 5 dudes then chew that up and spit it out on your face in the form of blaring guitar harmonies, smooth singing and an in-your-face rhythm section.


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