See clearly with Edwin Raphael’s “Sober”

Montreal-based Edwin Raphael’s “Sober” is a sad song with a twist. A dark song by his catalog’s standards, “Sober” begins as a soft and melancholic ballad about the hardships of love and lost hopes. Solemn chords play beneath Raphael’s reflective vocals as a delicate echoing guitar line and warm ambient tones offer a bit of light above the music below. Then everything changes. The tempo picks up, a simple drum kit enters, the tone shifts, and this forlorn ballad turns hopeful with a more uplifting sound. Harmonized vocals implore the listener to sober up from the intoxication of love- the end result of all these elements being a dynamic and storylike composition that takes the listener through an emotional journey.


Currently based in Montreal, Edwin started making waves with his uniquely detuned sounding guitars and absorbing melodies with his EP ‘Ocean Walk’ in 2015 quite reminiscent of the beachy and rustic sounds of Ben Howard . Equipped with smooth, chilling lyrics and innate musical capabilities, ‘Harbours’ his first single had been labelled as a “hidden gem with somber instrumentals and an eerie, yet beautiful listen” by After a coy two years of playing a handful gigs, 2017 saw Edwin Raphael release his sophomore EP ‘Cold Nights’. The EP presented a darker and heavier progression in terms of songwriting and production with heartbreak song ‘Colder’ instantly becoming a low key hit. The start of 2018 had Edwin lined up for shows in Toronto, Montreal & a sold out show in London opening for Cape Cub . “2018 is vibrant, it’s melancholic, it’s a bittersweet aftertaste. I guess you’ll figure that out soon”. Singles “Green Eyes” & “Thrills Sought After” are out now.


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