“Turn Into Blue” with The Technicolors

Aptly-named rockers The Technicolors are blending their own unique hue with “Turn Into Blue.” Drawing from groups like Radiohead, The Strokes, and Spoon, the Phoenician-turned-Angeleno quartet has taken the darker, almost industrial side of rock music and married it with elements of modern indie music to create a sound that isn’t quite like anything I’ve heard in a long time. Reverb-soaked lead guitars deliver the main hooks, and fuzzy rhythm guitar and bass set the palette for the verses with a complex and tight kit keeping the pace. Smiley’s vocals are smooth and delicate, yet full and confident. The chorus opens up into a soaring array of cool tones as falsetto vocal harmonies and ethereal synth accents create a swirling array of sounds. Light touches of sound design give just that right amount of industrial edge to this otherwise smooth and encompassing composition, and you’ll have to stay until the end to experience the full force of what The Technicolors can offer.


The Technicolors are an American rock band from Phoenix, AZ. Currently residing in LA, their line-up includes founder Brennan Smiley (lead vocals, guitar), Sean Silverman (guitar, keys, backing vocals), Nico (bass guitar), and Austin Scates (drum, percussion). They are best known for their nuanced approach of combining lo-fi, cerebral groove-oriented elements with anthemic, often bombastic themes, reminiscent of the early 00’s garage revival.





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