“Like You Do” The Western Dens modern folk combined with electronic music

Soothing and mysterious is “Like You Do” a new song by The Western Den out now on AntiFragile.  The timbres of this modern folk feature a wide variety of instruments from a xylophone percussion section that is sparse and peppered in as textures, a trumpet and violin solo section, and the starting harmony that sounds to me like a low end heavy electronic piano.  I enjoyed the lush arrangement very much and it is a nice accompaniment to the soft and soothing lead vocals that sing poetic lyrics that complete the production and tie it together in a left of center way that works very pleasantly.  Definitely check out “Like You Do” by The Western Den.


“Like You Do” is a brilliant example of The Western Den‘s knack for creative songwriting, arrangements, and production choices. The band leaves behind the folk label, which can feel like a safe descriptor, yet never quite right, and pushes out into orchestral, ethereal, and chordally complex territory, while preserving their sweeping vocal harmonies, at once lush and modest, unmistakably the foundation of their partnership.

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