DB Stewart, “Save My Soul”, fuel up for Saturday night!

The title track from DB Stewart’s debut EP, “Save My Soul” is a gritty piece of swagger rock that shows good signs of things to come. Using this EP as an opportunity to explore themes of self-identity and meeting expectations, Stewart’s songwriting is ode (or maybe a battlecry) to anyone who’s struggling to track who they are and who they are. Chugging rock guitars and brooding bell hits create a confident, gritty, angst-infused backdrop for Stewarts emotive vocal performance, and the result is a good dose of throw-down rock music- proof that this man knows who he is, what he’s doing, and that he’s only going to keep getting better.


“Save My Soul is the title track to my debut EP. I grew up attending private Christian schools, which introduced a lot of philosophies / ideologies that I didn’t agree with. As early as 1st grade I questioned a lot of what I was being taught. My mother – who is an absolutely amazing, open-minded, and compassionate person – was close to the church growing up, so I felt guilty for not being completely on board with the teachings of the church/school. This record was about the conflict of owning who I am, what I believe, and how I chose to life – which goes against the teachings of the church in some ways – yet also not wanting to let my parents down.”


DB Stewart is a singer-songwriter from Seattle, WA. Ever since he learned to talk – and oh boy, does he love to talk – he developed a passion for storytelling, which translated into a passion for writing. He began playing the piano at five years old, but it was the guitar that unleashed his passion for songwriting. Now, he is writing and recording for his upcoming Solo EP (expected Winter 2019), produced by electronic artist/producer, Emperidol. The sound is a departure from the hard-rock aesthetic of Deify, encompassing a more traditional blues sound, with with elements of pop production.





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