Zanibar Aliens “Hometown”

Fun skate punk music video from Portugal psychedelic punk rockers Zanibar Aliens.  “Hometown” has classic rock riffage while speaking to a rebellious modern spirit.  The verse riff uses skillful hammer ons in both the bass and guitar part which and the chorus harmony is reminiscent of Nirvana constant structure while some of the interludes remind me of Jimi Hendrix or Jimmy Page with the utilization of 9 chords.  Not to be overlooked are the organist and drummer either who both have equally as epic licks and fills.  The singer really lets rip for about twenty seconds starting at 3:07 with an incredible use of pipes that is comparable to the best of classic rock power moments.  Fans of bands such as Wavves or Fidlar might find some common ground with classic rock fans with Zanibar Aliens, check out the music video above!

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