Jakob Leventhal’s “Neckties and Suicides” resonates like its upright bass

“A smile’s quite a terrible sting when your heart is barely whole.”

Leventhal’a poignant writing provides quite an honest and relatable tale of dealing with depression in a lonely world. He speaks thoughts that we’ve all had at one point or another: like how a bustling city can feel so boring, or how the supposedly happy and uplifting things in life can be make you wince when you’re in a bad place. However, Levanthal urges that you take a step back and really try to focus in on those little things that DO make you feel better. All this is delivered over a calming and almost whimsical folk sound, featuring upright bass, vibrant guitar picking, and a guitar solo with a bit of jazz. The finished product? An earnest tune that is organically stirring both in lyrical and musical composition.


Singer/songwriter Jakob Leventhal’s music tells stories of life, love, and loss the only way he knows how – somberly, with a healthy dose of sarcasm (and beard envy). Drawing on personal trauma, passionate nights, and life in NYC, he channels the story-telling abilities of Elliott Smith and Andy Shauf, along with sounds of the Beach Boys, the Beatles, and Father John Misty. The cruel irony of Jakob’s music is that it’s sobering, but makes you want a drink.

Jakob currently attends school in Chicago, where he plays with various jazz & funk bands around the city. He is also an experienced audio engineer and self-taught multi-instrumentalist.





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