The Plodes, “Superpowered Palestinian Baby”, are we going to Hell for this?

Jesus has gone punk, ladies and gentleman, and the result is everything you’d hope for it to be. Also, apparently his real name is Josh. Honestly, this song’ll teach you a lot about the superhero life of Jesus that you probably didn’t know before. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, your mom will yell at you for listening to it, but you WILL have an awesome time. What makes it all even better is that this is actually a really good punk track. It’s got that garage feel while still being very clean and well-mixed. The “ahhs” are fun, the drums are fiery, and the guitars and bass are just having the time of their lives. Also if the ending doesn’t make you audibly burst out laughing, send the blog a PM and I’ll gladly walk you through it. It’s a real thinker.

Happy holidays, everybody!


Reid Blakley has been getting people to listen to his music by nefariously using the name The Plodes since 2010. He has since relied on a rotating cast of wannabes and suckers to help him achieve his goal. The Plodes have giggled like idiots onstage in horizontally striped shirts across Canada and the Pacific Northwest and will continue to do so until they can no longer afford to take so many days off work.


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