Get infatuated with Mike Liegel’s “Headrush”

Produced by Andy Seltzer, Mike Liegel’s “Headrush” feel effortless. Written about the euphoria of meeting a partner you just can’t get enough of, this track is equal parts chill, smooth, and sexy. The guitar riffs have a hint of funk and plenty of catch, the drums are in the pocket and provide a solid backbone, the bass knows exactly where to be at all times, and the keys give that perfect amount of soul to the sound. Liegel’s vocal performance showcases his range with effortlessness and emotion as he sings melodies that will be sure to get stuck in your head after the first listen.


Mike Liegel is a singer, musician, and songwriter with an expressive voice and soulful appeal. He grew up in the rural suburban town of Oak Ridge, New Jersey, where he first started learning the piano at age seven. Mike grew so passionate about music after high school, that he worked side by side with his father constructing a recording studio in the backyard of his childhood home. The studio became a place of creative solitude and has allowed him the ability to write and record in the hometown he draws inspiration from. Mike’s passion for songwriting is evident throughout his music.


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