Speak, Brother’s “Meet Me in the Chaos” is the Tuesday morning lift you didn’t know you needed.

Music is art… I think people like to forget that. We often say that there is art, and then there is music. Sometimes you’ll hear someone say that a song is a work of art- usually as a testament to just how good that song is. If we choose to stick with this use of the term, then Speak, Brother’s latest single “Meet Me in the Chaos” is a genuine work of art. Born from fan-submitted stories of struggle and strife, the lyrical composition reads like a hymn written in the name of every single listener. Speak, Brother’s radio-ready, AAA production quality delivers the aural intensity and dynamism that this story deserves: warm synthesizers and bass tones are like a bed of lush grass beneath reverberating guitars that feel like a warm breeze. A striking piano accompaniment punches through at all the right moments, and the vocal performance resonates full of contemporary-christian and gospel influences. Put this all together, and you have a truly uplifting hymn to the human experience. Everything about this song just works, and every piece of the puzzle is a perfect fit. Thus, “Meet Me in the Chaos” is art in its most definite form.


After completing the 3 Peak Challenge together raising money for the charity Hope and Homes for Children, the band wanted to continue the spirit of working with others into their songwriting by inviting their fans to be part of it. Starting with only the title of the song, fans were asked to share stories, art, poetry or anything that resonated with them with the phrase ‘Meet Me In The Chaos’. The band had a 3 day writing retreat booked the following week with the challenge to both write and record a demo of the song with pages of raw stories of suffering, struggle and hope. One of the overriding feelings we got from reading people’s stories was our shared suffering and how much we all deal with beneath the surface of our every days lives. Even the simple act of honestly sharing a part of our story helps us all meet with each other where we are now and helps us realize how connected we all are. Because of this, we wanted the song to focus on the present moment. The meeting with the other where order slowly forms from chaos. Rather than dwelling in the past or hoping the future to somehow be different or better. It was the most challenging, inspiring and exciting writing experience the band have had to date.


Vulnerable, honest, ethereal: this is the music of Speak, Brother. Boasting a powerful indie-folk-rock sound with subtle hymnal and gospel tones, their story based anthems have drawn comparisons to the likes of Coldplay, Doves and Swell Season. Having been featured and received live sessions on the likes of BBC Radio 2 and BBC Introducing, Speak Brother are set to return with a new single “Meet Me In The Chaos” on the 16th November. The single has drawn on inspiration from stories from their fanbase and has even utilized a piece of artwork associated with this. The band will be supporting their new release with a tour covering Bristol, Birmingham, London and Manchester.

“Reminiscent of Matthew and The Atlas, crossed with Mumford and Sons and Bombay Bicycle Club’s illegitimate love child.”
– One Stop Record Shop




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