mxmtoon, “I Feel Like Chet”, fresh off the griddle!

Good morning, everyone! Today marks one week until Thanksgiving. And more importantly, it marks the release of mxmtoon’s new song, “I Feel Like Chet.” For her latest release, the 18-year-old songstress has stripped away all of the bells and whistles- with the exception of a glockenspiel, of course- to give us a timeless love song with none of the fluff. Fully embracing the cliche of falling in love too easily, “I Feel Like Chet” is the quintessential anthem of the once-hopeless romantic, telling the tale of a person we’ve all been at one time or another- that young kid listening to far too many love songs, imagining our happily ever after with people we’ll never even speak to, all while having no real clue what love actually is. mxmtoon’s sweet, organic vocals coupled with the whimsical simplicity of a ukulele serve as the perfect aural vessel to carry the listener on a nostalgic trip back to their lovey-dovey days- the perfect daydream to keep you occupied on a sunny Thursday morning.


“I feel like Chet” is an ode to Chet Baker and his song “I Fall In Love Too Easily.” Tt’s one of my favorite pieces, and what I wanted to achieve with my new song was to pay homage to him and to relate it to my own personal experience. I bridged the ideas from the song with the concept of rose colored glasses and an overly optimistic view of the world and the result was this new song! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!


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