Brian Walker “Conflicted”

Starting off atmospheric and introducing the song “Conflicted” Brian Walker quickly becomes engaging.  Incredibly well produced with vocal layering, synths that are syncopated fading in and out, and 808 drums are a sure fire way to make a great pop song.  The lyrical content of “Conflicted” is for anyone going through a difficult relationship.  Brian Walker has only released two pop songs this far but we’re expecting great things out of this promising young songwriter.  I think Brian Walker would be for fans of Justin Timberlake and Pharrell Williams.

Brian Walker is a pop/R&B singer-songwriter/producer from NH. Walker grew up working on his family’s fruit and vegetable farm, Monahan Farm in East Kingston, NH, and always had a passion for music. He started playing guitar and writing songs during his time at the University of New Hampshire, and then continued his musical studies at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. When he’s not performing at shows, Walker interns at Cybersound Recording Studios in Boston, MA. Walker creates music that combines emotional R&B influenced vocals with hard-hitting pop beats. He is set to release his first single, “Conflicted” this Halloween. To stay updated, you can follow him on Facebook/Instagram, or subscribe to the mailing list on his website, listed in the links below.

Instagram: BrianWalkerMusic


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