Low Hum, “Strange Love”- strange indeed ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

A song that is LA to its core, Low Hum’s “Strange Love” is a spine-tingling twist on psychedelic indie-pop. Beginning as a mellow and trancelike trip down a hazy lane, Low Hum quickly turns things on their head with the sudden entrance of fuzzy guitars, bass, and a dreamy synths that sparkle and crackle overhead. Collin Desha’s vocals manage to successfully keep up with the instrumental’s frenetic energy, as his drawled-out and reserved melodies in the verses give way to grungy and ever-so-slightly-detuned stacked chorus leads that add to “Strange Love’s” agitated and frenzied energy. Complete with a fuzzed-out guitar solo in the outro, “Strange Love” is a trip down dark Los Angeles alleyways and neon-kissed streets that you know you want to take.


Inspired by his LA peers who controlled their creative process, Collin Desha adopted the moniker Low Hum and set up his home studio, determined to write with “no boundaries.” Shortly after meeting Parisian drummer/producer Jules De Gasperis, the two west coast transplants began working together, which resulted in the five-track lowhum EP, showcasing Low Hum’s honeyed, haunting vocals and subtle psychedelic arrangements reminiscent of Tame Impala. These understated yet profound pop sensibilities suffuse Low Hum’s forthcoming full-length, Room to Breathe. From the chugging sprawl of lead single “Strange Love,” inspired by the film Dr. Strangelove, to “Crimson Cardinal,” a powerful meditation on depression and loss following the death of a very close friend, the LP will be a fittingly widescreen introduction to Desha’s music.






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